Primo Island Lager

Type: Lager
Origin: Hawaii, USA
Price: $1.99 for 22 oz

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Primo, and I had to have it with its ridiculously stupid label and $1.99 price for a 22. Upon googling this, I found out Primo used to be in SoCal a long time ago, and finally came back last year. The website says there is a touch of pure island sugar cane, and I don’t think I believe them by tasting it.

The smell has a slightly sweet smell, so they might not be messing with us, but all I taste is a decent amount of hops. They are now owned by the Pabst Brewing Company, and I think I taste a bit of PBR in it. Not a bad beer considering the price point. I would definitely pick this out over a coors or miller tall boy for the same price.

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