Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale

Type: blonde ale
Origin: Oud-Turnhout, Belgium
Price: $8.59 per 750 mL

Badass bottle – check
abbey style beer – check
tastes like minute maid lemonade mixed with a chimay – check

I must admit, the reason I bought this was because it was the cheapest belgian at BevMo that I have not had and the bottle is just fucking classy. I am not a fan of them calling this a pale ale since I’m used to Sierra as the standard pale ale. They say on the back that there is a “distinctive hop bouquet”, but I simply taste no hops. It is a fairly light and refreshing beer, but the lemon flavors start to overpower just a little too much. They do say on the bottle that since this is bottle-conditioned, as it matures, the beer will become softer and smoother. I would definitely like to age one of these properly just to see if this is just a fluke.

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