Obolon Magnat Ale

Type: pilsner
Origin: Kiev, Ukraine
Price: $2.29 per 0.5L

I think this is the first product I’ve ever purchased from Ukraine, and its definitely not a total disappointment. I was definitely surprised to find that this was not skunked, and thats worth 10 points for an Eastern European beer shipped to the US. The color is pretty light yellow and the taste is of a nice pilsner. Hops are pretty non-existent, another surprise given the lack of skunkiness. And it goes nicely with my cajun black beans and rice and grilled tuna tonight. Pow pow.

By the way, I just read the BevMo! website about this beer and they say only serve it when it is cold enough till the word Obolon is visible on the bottle. Looks like we have some bottle competition Coors.

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