830 25th Street
San Diego, CA 92102-2765
(619) 564-6722

Last night I realized I’ve come to expect good beer at any bar I go to. If they don’t have the goods, NBD – it’s Miller time, but if they do… tits up. The selection here is not huge, and not exceptionally diverse, but it’s good stuff in the grand sceme of craft brews. The space is nice (and actually fairly big) and the crowd is young/middle aged. I had the pastrami sandwich*, which rocked my balls. The only thing I was disappointed with was the size of some of the pours. The other night at the Beagle I got Victory Hop Wallop in pint form; here, 8oz, for the same price. Oh well, at least there’s another reason to come to Golden Hill besides Luigi’s pizza and the Turf Club.

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