Dutch Republic Lager

type: Lager

origin: Holland?

price: $3.99 at Fresh and Easy

abv: 4.8

I don’t know about this beer. Never heard of it, their website sucks and just mentions that they sell it at fresh and easy, and it tastes just like Heineken, but shit it’s $3.99 for a 6 pack vs the $8 or so shitty Heineken is. Honestly you can’t taste the difference between the two unless your in Amsterdam drinking Heineken on tap. It also says they won silver at the US Open Beer Championship, I would guess in the category mediocre beers that taste like other mediocre beers, or the Heineken look alike or…I mean shit it even has the same green bottle and similar logo.

Basically if your a dumbass and want to buy a case of Heineken save yourself some money and buy this. Fresh and Easy also has Steel Kettle for $4 a 12 pack if you want a beer like Keystone or Naty (Natural Ice). Oh one more thing, it says 1581 on it even though the Brewery(fresh and easys storage closet) starting making them this year. Can they make a brewery next that tastes like Allagash but is cheap? if so I would be into that

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