Erie Brewing Company: Misery Bay

type: IPA

origin: Erie, Pennsylvania

price: $1.69/12oz at Joe Canal’s (Princeton, NJ)

abv: 6.5%

When I first moved to New Jersey from San Diego, misery described my feelings pretty well. On the label of this bottle is a boat full of depraved looking fools straining on their oars in some wrong direction, and the one guy with any direction in the boat is pointing away saying ‘No, I think the Brewery is THAT way!’ I was once so lost, but at least I found my way to the place selling THIS beer.

In addition to my last review, this beer is contributing further to my impression of the difference between an east coast and a west coast IPA. On the west coast (especially San Diego) you often find a crisp, light bodied IPA with HUGE amounts of hops in it and maybe only mild malty notes. Over here on the east coast there are still plenty of hops in the IPA (that is the point anyway, right?), but every IPA I’ve tasted has been way more malty and full bodied.

As I was saying, misery bay is pretty light on the hop bitter but still has plenty of hop nose and florals. It’s another nice clear IPA, and it has a pretty solid malty body, but this time I noticed a little something extra. Is there some rye in here, or maybe some sort of fancy yeast flavor? Whatever it is, I would think twice about throwing this beer overboard if I was sinking in misery bay, but not if I was sitting on a case full of Alpine.

One thing is for sure though: either I’m going to need to train my pallette to distinguish maltiness a bit more, and probably get used to lighter hopping for my sampling over here, or else I’m going to have to work with our east coast friends to bring some of that San Diego crispy hop action to the bottles over here!

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