White Birch Brewing: Belgian Style Pale Ale

Type: Belgian pale ale
Origin: Hooksett, New Hampshire
Price: $9/22oz at Smiley’s
8.2% abv

OK, so I’m pretty new to NH, but holy crap it seems like they have some respectable beer and this liquor store even will deliver your booze and pizza too?! What am I doing living in NJ again?

The last time I had a beer with this type of flavor I was actually in Bruges, Belgium. It reminds me of the flavor in the Westvleteren Blond, which is completely impossible to find in the US, and even a bitch to find in Belgium unless you go to the brewery. These guys pretty much nailed it, just damn. They don’t bear the label of an Authentic Trappist Product, and I would bet that the economic purpose is more about profit than assistance, but it sure tastes like they’re doing the brew just about the same as some of the tastiest Belgians I’ve had.

The beer is nice and crisp, with a major hop fragrance and fruityness, and hardly any bittering. That awesome Belgian yeast flavor is on it too, which I need to find me some of for a future brew batch. At 8.2%, it’s potent enough to pack some punch, but not so much that you can’t enjoy a pint or two. If not for these spectacular qualities I would be happy to write this one off as another overpriced microbrew, but having sampled the contents, I’m not surprised that it costs a mean $9. So if you dig on the Belgian flavor, and you have $9 to spend, I suggest you spring on this tasty treat.
And by the way, the beaches are so much free-er in NH than in NJ, both free as in beer, and free as in freedom. Eat my shorts Jersey.

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