Cable Car IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Rochester, New York
Price: I think $11.99 for variety 10 pack, but it was awhile ago
ABV: 6.3%
NSP: 18.6

This is batch number 00073 of the Cable Car Small Batch IPA. I bought this in a variety pack a month ago at BevMo! to try and obtain a bunch of smaller, harder to find beers. I drank about 4 of the beers without reviewing them since I have either a) already had them or b) they sucked. I put this one to the side since it had a classy label and I thought it was from San Francisco, so you can see my disappointment when I find out it is from Rochester. (I am pretty certain the cable car on the bottle is a drawing of a San Fran cable car).

My disappointment in geography aside, this is not a bad IPA. Given the fact that this is supposedly batch number 73, I assume they haven’t made much beer and are fairly new (unless each batch is like a million gallons). This is definitely an east coast IPA, replacing some of the hops with an earthy maltiness. It tastes a little watery, but in all reality, that has more to do with living in San Diego (I was having a talk with Andy yesterday about how I thought¬†Sculpin¬†tastes like water now). I have another Cable Car in the fridge and I am actually looking forward to it.

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