Lompoc C-Note Imperial Pale Ale

Type: Imperial IPA
Origin: Portland, OR
Price: $3.99/22 oz
ABV: 6.9%
NSP: 11.24 (unscaled)

Eleventh and final beer of the Portland BeerPlow. Please don’t let me ever do this again because it’s exhausting. This one is another IIPA, though they left the India part out for some reason (maybe the ABV isn’t quite high enough?). It’s called C-Note because it’s 100 IBUs on the dot, and it’s brewed with the seven “C” hops (I’ll let you look those up for your own edification). I definitely bought this one because the brewery shares a name with the federal penitentiary (and town) in central California. Seriously, how many movies are there with a line that goes something like “I did a 3 to 5 stretch in Lompoc, and I ain’t never going back”?

Right out of the bottle, it sort of looks like Dr. Pepper. As with the¬†Laughing Dog AlphaDog, not a good sign by my anti-malty IPA tastes. The head is pretty much nonexistent. The nose does little to inspire me, with no discernible hop aromas, heavy malt, and a little something that kind of smells like cat food. Not a good start. Despite this, I dove right in, figuring I’d treat it like a band-aid (“One motion! Right off!”). And the flavor is malt, malt, malt, and malt. But strangely, right at the end, the hops elbow their way in and cut the malt off mid-sentence, leaving a super clean and fairly enjoyable finish.

What an odd beer. I don’t really like it, and I wouldn’t buy it again. But at least it’s not sweet. It’s malty as hell, but at least they’ve avoided over-sugaring it. It’s actually so not sweet that it almost seems salty. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it almost seems like they brewed it with soy sauce. And, no, Andy, that’s not just because I’m Asian, you bleached asshole.¬†There isn’t really any notable complexity to speak of here. It’s more like the malt and hops are stumbling around in the darkness only to smack their heads together and knock each other out.

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