Central Waters Illumination

Type: Double/Imperial IPA
Origin: Amherst, WI
Price: ?
ABV: 9.0%
NSP: ?

I know of Central Waters mainly because of their vaunted Peruvian Morning…and hey, I happen to have one of those in the queue for later on.  I checked on Google Maps, and the brewery name appears to be more or less accurate- it’s pretty much right in the middle of Wisconsin, and with all the rivers and lakes around it seems hard to find anywhere in Wisconsin that isn’t at least moderately close to water.  So, you know, that’s cool.

Yet another red-apply IPA- what’s with all of those lately?  But this one’s different from the rest, because there’s a hefty green hop skunk and a whole boatload of orange rind that actually manages to bring my mind towards Exponential Hoppiness.

The hops are nicely punchy, and the malt isn’t too sweet (it’s definitely sweet, but not overwhelmingly so), so that’s a good start.  The bitterness level is spot on for this type of beer, but the hop flavors aren’t all that complex.  It’s a touch astringent, but that’s not really unexpected given the ABV, and it’s not enough to ruin anything because the hops completely bulldoze your palate anyway.

This is another beer that, in a vacuum, is pretty good.  But around these here Non-Snob parts, the DIPA scale has been torn asunder by Pure Hoppiness and Heady, which is simultaneously unfair and inevitable.  I definitely enjoyed the second one when I drank it later on, though, so, you know, that’s cool too.

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