Brasserie Dupont Avril

Type: Saison/Biere de Table
Origin: Tourpes, Belgium
Price: $9.49/22oz
ABV: 3.5%
NSP: 2.77

3.5%?  Shit.  These are the lengths to which I go for my BDS.  I can’t tell you how long I resisted buying this- almost $10 for a beer that’s little stronger than gas station Bud Light. This had better be packed with flavor, because that’s the only way this’ll be anything more than useless.

I figured the name was a reference to the time of year it’s brewed, but since I can’t find any website for the beer, I have to go with BA, which says it’s year round.  I’ll just assume, then, that the folks at Dupont are NFL fans, and they named this after Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril.  OK, that may be a reach.

Anyway, there aren’t many beers that you can hear quite loudly after you pour them, but that’s the case here- it’s carby as hell, enough that it sounds like it’s going to sizzle your trigeminal nerve right into insensibility.  The smell from the pour brings pilsnery funk to mind, but as it settles a bit, the wonderful Dupont yeast comes through (as it thankfully always does with Dupont), plus a bit of herbaceousness.  Overall, it smells pretty delicious.

As you’d imagine, it’s light as hell- not just comparable to gas station Bud Light in terms of price but body as well.  Of course, it tastes nothing like Bud Light, because that would be…well, tragic.  The main flavor is the yeast, but there’s just enough hop bitterness in there to clean it out fairly quickly- not quite as fast as the Cuvee Dry Hopping, but close.  There’s a bit of lemon in there, but mainly it’s just a nice, light yeast flavor.  It’s clean and dry and very highly drinkable.

Well, I’m sure as hell not buying this again.  But that’s not at all because it’s bad- it’s actually quite tasty.  However, the slightly heavier body of the regular Dupont saisons are far more appealing, and that’s before you even consider NSP.  What I will say, though, is that this is a very good vehicle for familiarizing oneself with the smell and flavor of Dupont yeast- because there’s pretty much nothing else there.  So let’s just call this what it is- a light beer made with the world’s greatest yeast.

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