Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout

type: Irish stout
origin: Brooklyn, NY
price: ~$1.50/12oz at Binny’s in Chiwalkie Town
ABV: 4.7%
NSP: 11.1

We don’t get much from Brooklyn Brewery around these parts.  Given that their brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, wrote the most awesome book about beer I’ve ever seen (The Oxford Companion), I usually try and pick up their beers if I find them.

So their Dry Irish Stout made it back with me from Chicago.  It’s dry… and an Irish stout!  A shocker, I know, but it shouldn’t be because the style is not supposed to be hefty, like an imperial stout for example; it’s meant to be sessionable.  And, yes, this could definitely be sessionable because while it has strong notes of roasted malt/dark chocolate and coffee accents, it also has very low body and is quite dry.  It’s well crafted and nothing is wrong with it; but, it doesn’t offer anything you can’t find in a bottle of Guinness.  I would definitely drink this on nitro, although that’s even harder to imagine finding around here.

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