Duck-Rabbit Rabid Duck

Type: Russian Imperial Stout
Origin: Farmville, North Carolina
Price: ?
ABV: 10%

I picked this one up back in May when Randy and I hit up a conference in Raleigh. I don’t remember the price, but somewhere around $2 at theĀ Tasty Beverage Company. Upon checking out their website, they make no mention of this beer, and only say they have 4 beers. Definitely in need of an upgrade. Anyways, onto the beer.

I figured I would age this beer a good 4 months or so since most Russian Imperial Stouts tend to be a bit rough around the edges and need a little time to mellow down. I don’t know how much older it is since no one notched the date strip on the label. Nonetheless, this one is still quite fresh and packs quite a whollop. Every characteristic of a RIS is there: coffee, chocolate and a hell of a lot of booze. The roast is a bit more in the Starbucks end, slightly burnt and quite bitter. The best beers in this category seem to be able to hide the booze so that you just take in the pure opulent flavors, and this one is quite obviously not in that category. Still tasty, just not world class.

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