Maui Lahaina Town Brown

type: brown ale
origin: Maui, HI
price: $2.50/12oz
ABV: 5.1%
NSP: 7.2

Mostly everything we get from Maui is brewed with something else: fruit, coconut, whatever.  So, I was somewhat bummed to see this had no specialty addition.  Just a plain old brown ale?  Really?  I’ll give it a shot because I have a lot of respect for Maui B.C. — they make some excellent beer, and even made me reconsider my stance against porters.

Crisp malty flavors, but not overly “brown”, meaning you get a nice level of bitterness, and some chocolate and nutty flavors.  Nothing outstanding, but pleasant.  As you’d perhaps expect with any brown ale, though, there’s a lingering coating in your mouth that’s not terribly endearing.  I don’t think it’s a flaw more than it is me hating on brown ales.

To me this tastes more like a very light chocolate stout, but it’s pleasant enough that I could see enjoying it in paradise, even though I know nothing about the town of Lahaina.
Maui Lahaina Town Brown

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